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Toscana Medi Clinic (TMC) Professional & Discreet

Women Sexual Health Solutions

At Toscana Medi Clinic (TMC), our aim is to help to have a better sexual relationship and revive your confidence level.


Is your sex drive at a low?

One of the common issues that women face during intercourse is the inability to reach the highest pleasure. And it can occur due to a variety of reasons and affect your lifestyle adversely. Our specialists at TMC women sexual health clinic help you resolve  your issues professionally.

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What We're Offering


Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus is the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles. Getting good shots of Medytox treats vaginismus by relaxing the spastic vagina muscles obstructing penetration and solving involuntary contractions.


Painful Intercourse Treatment

Dyspareunia refers to painful sex or painful ejaculation which are common issues among women. Based on the cause of dyspareunia, our specialists can help you with laser therapy, and topical creams to treat it.


Low Libido Treatment

Based on the reason causing low libido, our specialists at TMC women health clinic can help you with prescribing medications and hormone therapy.


Men’s Issues

If your sexual wellness issues are connected to your partner, our counsellors can help you diagnose and treat your partner’s issues. TMC has an extra special department for treating men’s sexual health problems.


Effective Remedies

TMC Women’s sexual health clinic offers effective solutions to help you prevent and treat infections. Infections such as genital warts and HPV can be prevented and cured with vaccination, laser therapy, and the right remedies.



Urinary Incontinence

Involuntarily urine leaking is a common issue many women deal with as they age. Modern laser therapy is a safe method that specialists recommend for treating female urinary incontinence under clinical care. You can consult and get professional help at TMC Women’s Sexual Health clinic to treat urinary incontinence.

Women Sexual Wellness

At Toscana Medi Clinic (TMC), we help you examine your genital health through clinical tests. Let our specialist’s team treat you.

  • Infections
    Treating infections including human papillomaviruses (HPV) such as genital warts, gonorrhoea, and Chlamydia genital herpes by medication, laser, or prescribing topical creams.

  • Testing
    Discreet sexual tests such as STD and STI and HIV tests examine your genital health precisely and help you have secure and healthy intercourse.

  • Vaccination
    Give your sex life a shot in the arm! Vaccines can prevent many diseases, including some that are sexually transmitted, like Gardasil 9, for human papillomaviruses (HPV) and hepatitis to prevent illnesses.

  • Tightening
    Tightening your vagina by modern methods improves your sexual health as well as prevents urinary issues.

  • Hair Removal
    Removing unwanted hair with modern devices such as Fotona’s Nd: YAG Laser effectively enhances the aesthetic and improves genital wellness. Hair removal also helps you prevent infections like genital warts by enhancing genital hygiene. 

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Laser Therapy

This non-surgical procedure effectively cures urinary incontinence, vaginismus, genital warts, and HPV using laser energy and heat stimulating the lining of the vagina to contract the existing collagen and rejuvenation.

Women Sexual Health Solutions
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